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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011 ~ Back to Reality

The Holiday is over and I am glad. I think as I get older I am more dependant on a routine. I was never like this when I was in my early twenties. I lived from one day to the next and I never knew or cared what was happening next or for how long!! Just as long as I was having "fun!"
   Now I feel comfortable doing the same things each day. Cooking, cleaning, even doing laundry have a pleasant familiarity!! . Lucky for me there is plenty of that crap to do around here!!LOL
   Today my neice Amanda called and asked  me to pick up her two children, my great neice and nephew, Saffron 13 and Kahlil 11, from the firehouse. They are in summer camp at the "Arts Afire" Black Alliance For the Arts, summer drama camp! It was fun to see fhem. I used to see them more when they were younger and needed more supervision. They are beginning to gain their independance and although I am happy for their acheivements I still miss having them around. I never had children of my own so I am very gratefull to be included in any of their activities.
      I photographed and listedseveral pairs of earrings today, but I did not get a chance to makeany new ones. Maybe tomorrow!! I am closing now to get some rest and watch a movie on theROKUbox!!!
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Love, misty lavender

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