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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Misty's Miracle Earrings!!! Keep Reading...

Millefiore Beauties

I have entered a new frontier. After the Pack Rat closed due to slow sales, I decided to continue selling online. I had been selling on ebay for two years since the granite company went under. It has been a real learning experience for someone my age who had no computer experience. Anyway, I did teach nmyself to list items on ebay. Then I had my neice Amanda show me the basics of beading, and I started making earrings! Originally I had planned to sell them at the Pack Rat, our thrift store, but the demise of the store pretty much coincided with the first shipment of Swarovski crystals from china!!
The next thing to do was to learn how to list my "handmade "earrings on Etsy!!
That is the stage I am in now. I have my Etsy store set up and I have my Earrings made, a neverending endeavor!! Now I have to figure out how to get people to come to my Etsy store. I named the store "Misty's Miracle Earrings". I figured out how to do a banner. Now if anyone has any suggestions , please let me know!!!
Here is a link t the Etsy store.


  1. Starting out is hard and getting your shop noticed is even harder. Joining this group is a good start and searching through Etsy and marking your favorites and putting people in your circle and making Treasury Lists helps get your name out there. The jewelry making market is pretty flooded right now as I'm finding out, but keep plugging away, the earrings are beautiful. Saw that you joined our group on Etsy and wanted to check out your blog. Good job!

  2. Misty, I love the name of your shop. How did you decide on it? So that you know, I found you on the Build Your Blog team and now am following you. Please check out my blog also

  3. Kellycrafts is correct, keep joining teams and making treasury's. Your earrings stand out there they are gorgeous. I always try to feature someone from all my teams so every one at least has a chance to get seen. I found you on Build Your Blog Team and thats a great start :)

  4. what lovely earrings. good luck, and congrats on the new shop! just keep blogging, posting new items, joining teams, making treasury's you'll get there!

  5. I love the deep cobalt blue of these earrings! I can just see wearing them on a beach in the Carribean! Blue waves lapping on the white sands..these earrings and a flowing white cotton dress...ok back to real life! LOL
    I found you on build your blog too!
    Check me out when you have time.