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Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011~Suprise!!

This is Monday and it is HOT! I decided to stay in the house and work on my earrings. A neighbor brought over a video tape of music from 1980 MTV! We were watching the tape and I was working on my earrings. The phone rang. It was Paul Edelstein ,a local artist who owns a gallery. He wanted to drop by for a visit as he was in the neighborhood. I said "sure."
    Paul doesn't drive and I used to work for him as his assistant and driver. He had his new assistant, Kelsey, with him and they arrived and sat down for a chat. Paul asked to see my earrings and Low and Behold he bought 9 pairs!!! I was shocked!! It was a wonderful surprise and just made my day and motivated me to write my blog and to make a whole bunch of earrings.
   My neighbor, Margaret, not to be outdone purchased a pair of earrings for herself too, so that was 10 pairs and I never left the house!!! Hurray!

   So now I am going in the kitchen to make a batch of my famous strawberry salad!! Have you tried it yet?? Just throw some freshly sliced strawberries on your green salad and serve with blue cheese dressing or vinagrette!!! Enjoy!! Love misty lavender
Here is my ETSY link!!


  1. A W E S O M E!!! Yeah Paul! Yeah neighbor friend!! Doesn't it feel great?

  2. That is so awesome...10 pairs...Wow what a great day!

  3. I'm really happy for you! All of my sales have been outside of Etsy so far. Good for you, that has to be an ego booster. Keep up the good work!