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Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011~Cooper Young Community Farmer's Market

    I did it!! I went to the Cooper-Young Community Farmer's Market this morning at 7:00 AM with my tent and earrings in tow. I thought I was going to be on the asphalt parking lot in the 99 degree heat, but as luck would have it, Mary placed me on Cooper St. in front of the First Congo church under a big shade tree on the grass!! It was actually quite comfortable with a lovely breeze. Ronnie helped me set up the tent at 7:00 am and he returned at 1:00 pm when it was over and helped take the tent down. In between those times I sat in my lawn chair and was able to make about ten pairs of earrings . I managed to sell four pairs at $5.00 each pair!! The rent on the space was $20.00, so I broke even!!!  I did purchase a quart of cherry tomatoes for $2.00 and I ate every one of them! Delicious!!!.
   I would recommend the Cooper Young Community Farmer's Market to anyone selling Handmade items. The rent was very reasonable and Mary was very nice, stopping by my booth twice to see if I needed anything! The vegetable market was fairly busy and the fresh produce looked wonderful. I think the shoppers were pleased as well. It was a little too hot to expect a big turn out, so I was happy just to get the experience and the exposure!!.
     Here are some  photos for you today,  and here is the link to my Etsy Shop!

Thanks for reading, misty lavender

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  1. Good for you! I still remember my first sale like yesterday and it's been 11 years ago now. I love it when crafters to it to the community and show and tell if you will. It's good to see. Tammy