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Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20,2011- creating

You must bear with me as I am only just now finding out how to do this!! I am stunbling all over the place but I think I have just landed on the place where I wanted to be!!!

You see, I am very exited because I see where five people have asked to follow this blog!!! How great is that?? Now I am going to try to give y'all something to follow!! Originally I wanted to say that I am spending so much time on the computer that I have no time to make jewelry!!

So I must make earrings!!!

I signed up for the Center for Southern Folklore Festival as a vendor to motivate me to make more earrings. The festival is not until Sept 3rd and 4th so I should be able to have a few by then!!
The earrings are not selling very well on etsy or ebay and I don't want them to just pile up for no reason, I may end up giving them away.
One really nice thing happened. My sister, Sue-Su , in New Orleans asked me to make her twenty pairs of guitar pick earrings that she could sell when she attends festivals, which she does often, being that she is a musician. I made them for her plus I made about ten "single" earrings that she could market to the guys!!! They came out nicely and it made me feel really good to ship them off to her!! That is how it should be, I make them and then they are GONE!!!

Anyway, I am still asking for suggestions as I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for reading, misty lavender!!!

Check out the shop on etsy!!!

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