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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22, 2011 Getting it done!!

Ok, so this morning I got up real early because yesterday by the time I got done fooling around and doing laundry, it was too late to make earrings. My eyes were out of focus and I was dropping everything on the floor!!LOL

Now it is not yet noon and I have run several errands and made the bed. (This way I will be less likely to get back in it!!)

The thing about having a JOB is that it forces you to get up everyday at the same time and to get out of the house. Good disipline! When one is unemployed, as I am now, it is up to me to keep some sort of structure to my days. This is really tricky and I am still working out the kinks!!

Somedays I get up like gangbusters and clean the house, do yard work , make jewelry and then be so exited about all my accomplishments that I stay up all night watching movies on Netflix. The next day I will be exhausted and sleep until four oclock in the afternoon!!!!

Then the bad night owl cycle begins, up all nite, sleep all day!!

So this is what I am working on. Keeping some kind of routine so that I get done what I want to do, and still having free time to do my thing!!! Also daylight hours are the best for jewelry making and photography, so sleeping all day is not good. Also sleeping all day leads to depression and I can not have that!!! lol

I will let you know how my schedule turns out this week! I have been unemployed this time since may 25,2011. That is when the thrift store went out of business!

I continue to keep a positive attitude as I know things will be alright no matter what happens!!!....

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