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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23,2011~swarovski~pronounced"swear off ski"

Hello Everyone , I just want to thank you for your encouragement. I am working on my earrings and guess what!!?? I got a bid on a pair of earrings on ebay!! That is the fourth pair for ebay and still zero for etsy, but I am not going to let that stop me!! I am still going to make them and list them !!! I came up with a nice little swarovski crystal design yesterday,and I am posting a photo . Let me know what you think, OK?

Today I woke up nice and early , 6:30 AM, and watched Andy Warhol's movie "Trash". Good title!! That was a hot mess, but it woke me up and motivated me to "wash" if you know what I mean!! LOL Then I went to visit a friend and got a great massage, so now I feel very refreshed and ready to get busy. I wish everyday could begin like this one, but I will take what I can get. I am going to take some photos of this Swarovski Crystal earring that I made yesterday to show you!!!

That was easy enouph, but boy, is it HOT!! The yellow flowers are cucumbers!!!

I am glad to be indoors today. I want to tell you about a salad trick!!! You may already know about this, but I only discovered it this summer!! Put sliced fresh strawberries in your green salad. Serve with blue cheese dressing, or vinagrette, add nuts and craisons too!!! MMMMmmmmm!!!!! Thanks again, misty lavender

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