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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 more ideas...

I did make some earrings yesterday!! I used some antique china stenciled buttons and I like the way they turned out!! See Photos!

Also my sister mailed me a check for the guitar pick earrings. That is motivation!!!

The other thing that motivates me is seeing that you all are following my blog!!!

That is the best ! Thank you so much!!!!!!

Today I checked into the farmer's Market in the Cooper Young area of Memphis for a vendor booth. Who Knows?? That could be a good thing!

I am still trying to sell on Etsy too.

Here is a link to a treasury list I made for etsy, not my earrings, but still nice! LOL!!

More importantly, here is the link to my etsy shop!!!

I am so happy to receive emails and feedback from you!! If you have suggestions I am listening!! Just don't tell me to give it up because I can not do that!!!!

Thanks so much!! misty lavender

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